La Costa (Dec 19, 2012-Jan 9, 2013)

Beautiful sunsets and hot weather, and you get to work on a nice golden tan. It’s relaxing and the seafood is delicious and cheap. Love the cerviches ($3), they even serve them for breakfast.

The downside : you start to hate the sand: it’s on the bed, in your food, between your teeth, in your ears, under your nails, under your feet… Clothes are always damp. Hair is sticky and matted. And baby and tim get rashes from the heat. The days are rather lazy but it’s what beachlife is all about. You tend to consume beer more often than normal.

Visiting the Galapagos islands was definitely the highlight of our coastal experience…but that will have to be a separate post.

After about 3 weeks traveling coastal Ecuador (12 nights in the Galapagos, 7 nights in Canoa)),  we’re ready to return to the Andes. 

CANOA beach lifeImageImage



Beach life in the Galapagos with marine iguanas

ImageImage Image


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