Some helpful advice for new mums

I posted some baby/parenting advice when I first had Darwin (see posts under “Baby” category). I reckon I should blog about parenting more since it’s such an interesting topic.

Here’s some advice/tips that I sent out to a girlfriend who was expecting. She absolutely loved them!

“Of course each child/mum/family is different in many respects so it may not work but may be worth a try anyway ;-P

  1. Set up a blogging site for baby. With so many distant friends and family, we thought that it would help keep them up to date on the life of baby. My mum, who now lives with us, goes on the site every day to stay updated! It’s also a great alternative to scrapbooking (who has time to anymore??!!). It’s so handy having the Blogging App on your phone too- posting pics and videos are easy as pie!
  2. Night time gowns. I had a hard time finding one for your baby! It’s a time saver especially in the first month when baby poops every hour in the middle of the night and you don’t want to be bothered with snaps because all you want to do is to go back to sleep!
  3. Do away with baby wipes. Baby poops everywhere and I find that wipes don’t really clean as well as a nice warm wash cloth. Plus wipes are often cold and uncomfortable. I then dry the baby bum with a dry wash cloth and apply vaseline for skin protection. It’s convenient to have the baby changing station in or near the bathroom if you’re employing this washing method.
  4. Baby massages. Baby will have gas pain unfortunately and I’ve found that baby massages are a great way to relieve some of that pain or help prevent/reduce it (other than burping the baby well after feeding). There are many youtube videos to follow. I bought some baby massage oil for you! BTW- Weleda is one of my favourite baby skin products.
  5. Have some granny undies in stock. Should you have a c-section, hip huggers can be pretty uncomfortable to wear as the stitches are positioned where “typical” hip huggers lie.
  6. Stock up on thick menstrual pads. The flow is heavy after birthing and unfortunately the super thin pads just don’t cut it!
  7. Humidifier and nasal mist spray or drops. Edmonton is super dry and even with a humidifier baby can start congesting easily.
  8. Audiobooks. Some mums can read paperbacks while nursing but I can’t seem to have any free hands to hold a book properly. I’ve used “Audible” and they have a pretty good monthly subscription deal. It’s also nice to go for long walks with baby and listen to a book.
  9. Hydrate well. Breastfeeding will make you thirsty! I bring a big water bottle to bed with me every night and carry one in my diaper bag and drink after every feeding. Breastfeeding can also leave you hungry too so it’s good to have fresh fruit and veggies cut/washed and ready for consumption when you’re feeling peckish.
  10. Cuddle that baby! There’s no such thing as spoiling a baby with love and affection 😉 I love wearing baby and there are so many different types of carriers out there. I’ve found a sling (simple and fast to put on, short term use) and ergo-carrier (for longer walks/use) works best for me.
  11. Breastfeed lying down. Such a lifesaver in the middle of the night! Of course you’d have to eventually prop yourself up to burp and change the baby but it’s nice to lie down and relax beside baby during feeding.

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