About me


Personal History

Mai-Linh Huynh was born in a Vietnamese refugee camp in Malaysia. She is however not a Malaysian but a full fledged Canadian. Her ethnic background is Chinese and Vietnamese; her parents and family origins are from South Vietnam and the Fujian Province of China.

In 1980, Mai-Linh and her family were sponsored into Canada as refugees by a Mennonite church community in Northern Saskatchewan. To earn a decent living, her parents owned and operated various Chinese-Canadian restaurants in small rural communities outside of Edmonton. In 1984, her family settled and bought a house in Edmonton, Alberta. It was in this city where Mai-Linh spent most of her childhood, adolescent and young adult life.


Mai-Linh holds a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Biology (2001) and Master of Science in Environmental Management (2015). She has extensive field experience surveying/monitoring long-toed salamanders, bats, dragon flies, red squirrels, small mammals, piping plovers, riparian vegetation, and song birds. Such experience involved bird and bat banding, small mammal trapping and handling, snow tracking, plant and animal identification, use of radio telemetry, mist netting…and yes, even “milking”- she has experience “milking” estrous bats and red squirrels…for scientific research purposes of course! 

Interesting things about me

In 2007 Mai-Linh took a one year hiatus and trotted around the globe to learn many great things about it. And it was in Malaysia where she met Tim, an all-round good English chap who has a passion for guitar, computer programming and everything English (especially English comedy). In spite of the 50 below winters and stringent Canadian immigration laws, she managed to convince Tim to live with her in Canada. They married,  have two beautiful children, and are now settled down into family life on Vancouver Island.

Mai-Linh loves to share her travel and personal experiences with just about anyone, and hopes that this blog can do just that. Any feedback or comments about her blog would be greatly appreciated!

13 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hey Mai-Linh,

    I was just reading through some of your blog postings. They are hilarious!!! Just wondering when you were gonna be back at work (or at least back in Regina) so we can listen to all of your stories instead of reading them. By the way, this blog site rocks. Keep up the good work and hope everything is going well for you.


  2. Thanks Chris! I return to work on Jan 10th …hopefully those nasty call center folks haven’t taken over my office space! Might give me a good reason to go on another year’s vacation- lol.

  3. Mai, welcome home! I have truly enjoyed your travel blog, and can hardly wait for the next installment, the Continuing Adventures of Mai and Tim… it’s been 30 years for Pearl and I this New Year’s Eve. All the best!

  4. Congrats to you and Pearl! Thanks so much for the positive feedback on my blog…I”m sure Tim and I can conjure up some Canadian adventure travel stories for you; especially when Tim has never experienced a real Canadian winter before!

  5. Thanks Erica! Y’know I have never baked so many cupcakes for such an important occasion (i.e. wedding) before- I was frightfully nervous that they wouldn’t turn out. I’m glad they made a good impression and added to your special day!

  6. Hi Little Mai-Linh (my favorite FLA!),
    it’s really great to read you and inspiring to see everything you do!
    If you have the chance to pass by in Europe, I now live in Switzerland with PL. I am presently on Maternity Leave, so lots of time to discover mountain with you if you want to come with Tim here!
    Bye, bye!

  7. I wanted to wish u happy birthday. My mail is ready to go but I don’t find your email adress anymore. Can you send it back to me went you have 2 min.?
    Ps your pictures are awesome!

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