One of my many favorite hobbies is drawing and although I don’t get to do it very often, I try to make a conservative effort in completing a few sketches every year. Unfortunately I have given away most of my artwork as gifts over the years (the ones worth giving anyway) and failed to scan or take photos of them, so I’m currently working on building a portfolio.

Even though I’ve been painting and drawing for nearly over a decade with various media, I only really begun to have confidence in using my favorite art medium- chalk pastel. Hopefully over time, I can show you some of my finished artwork.


1. Greenback turtle, pointillism


2. Horse, India ink.


3. Pine marten, pen.

4. Aspen parkland in fall, coloured pencil.

5. Asian elephant, mixed media (chalk pastel and ink).

6. Bastia port, digital art photography.

7. Sailboat in the Mediterranean. Digital art photography.


8. Taj Mahal in digital watercolour.


9. The Strid, Bolton Abbey in digital watercolour


10 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Very nice ! Esp. like the greenback turtle in pointillism. Many years ago my neighbor, the widow Mrs Field, showed me her late husband’s art work in pointillism, hanging row after row mostly of animals, beautiful works of art by the elderly gentleman. Yours is very close to his fine work. Keep up the great gift you have lest we lose the ability to try.

  2. Get out! Seriously?? Numbers 1, 4, and 6 in particular for me (not to slight the rest, especially 3 where I know first-hand how tough it can be with ink, where mistakes are not as forgivable) are amazing – and amazingly diverse. I knew you had a creative mind & spirit but many people have difficultly expressing it… clearly not the case for you – I’m very impressed!

  3. and here I imagined you were doing that for a living….
    its exactly what brought me here! I found your first oil painting in some of my dad’s things, beautiful!

    had to look you up. very cool site, so happy for you and all the adventures you’ve had!

    all the best Mai!

    • Thanks Jalal! And it’s so wonderful to hear from you. What did you think of the Taj?? I’m flattered that you/your family still have that painting! Keep in touch!

  4. i love it! especially like the colours you used, detail is nice too.
    I hadn’t been in his study in years, but was so surprised when I saw the painting there! reminded me of good days in waterton…

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